Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are driven by our purpose to transform leadership, strategy and implementation. We realize we can have a greater impact if the broader context in which we all operate is taken into account. Therefore, we are committed to using our expertise to make a difference in the world.

We deliver on this commitment by donating our professional and technical services, as well as contributing to support various causes like Doctors without Borders and The Inner City Law Center.

Robert is also a guest lecturer at KaosPilot, an international business, social, environmental and innovation school, based in Denmark.  Their motto is “The Best School for the World” and that is expressed through the extraordinary work the faculty and students manifest in developing countries. We are proud to be affiliated with them.

On the environmental front, we are engaged in a net zero energy, zero carbon renovation of our home and office to turn it into a case study for environmental sustainability.  Southern California Edison has chosen the project the cornerstone case study for their net zero initiative.  Our objective is to build community around the idea that anyone can and should build with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind.  We have built a robust coalition of public and private entities that support the project. Construction will start in the fall, 2010. You can read more about it at GreenIdeaHouse.com

The Green Idea House project is also acting as a catalyst in our broader community. The City of Hermosa Beach, California recently made a commitment to be the first city in Los Angeles County (maybe all of Southern California) to establish a plan and timeline to be a carbon neutral city – the “Green Idea City”. We are working directly with the Mayor and a committed group of local activist to bring the economic and environmental benefits of this action to fruition. You can read more about it at the following links:
Daily Breeze Op Ed
Hermosa Beach Patch