Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are driven by our purpose to sustainably transform leadership, strategy and innovation. We realize we can have a greater impact if the broader context in which we all operate is taken into account. Therefore, we are committed to using our expertise to make a difference in the world.

We deliver on this commitment through the work we do with our select client base – and by frequently volunteering to assist local cities, schools and non-profits become more efficient, less polluting and improve the health of our communities.

Also, for eight years Robert was a guest lecturer of leadership, strategy and innovation process at KaosPilot, an international business, social, environmental and innovation school, based in Denmark. Their motto is “The Best School for the World” and that is expressed through the extraordinary work the faculty and students manifest in developing countries..

On the environmental front, Robert put together a coalition that built one of the first affordable net zero energy, zero carbon case study houses made with standard construction materials and off the shelf technologies.  The multi-award winning project built a community around the idea that anyone can and should build with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. You can read more about it at or watch the TEDx talk at